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Don’t subject yourself to an unsatisfactory internet, TV and Voice services when you can actually enjoy more with better providers. Fiber optic technology has a lot of rich features best for internet, television and media package for entertainment, movies, sports, and more. With so many competing companies out there vying for consumers' dollars, consumers should keenly focus on value and quality.

For Family

When seeking home entertainment solutions, there are a couple of factors to consider including your personal preference and availability of the provider. ATT U-verse provides the best family entertainment needs with the 6 Mbps data connectivity and over 400 channels top choose from. The low entry price is very good for users seeking to test just how good the service provided is. Perhaps another important decision you’ll have to make when choosing a family plan is the amount of data you will need. It is essential that you choose the right amount for your family, so as to avoid extra charges. With a determined data plan, both ATT U-verse and Verizon Fios both offer various plans at different prices. Remember to always consider your budget. To determine how much data you may need, consider these two factors- the number of people in your family plan and how much data you think each person will use. If you rarely use the Internet when you’re away from a Wi-Fi network, you might want to buy fewer data.

For Business

When looking for an internet services provider there are various factors that you certainly need to focus on. First and foremost is the reliability. Generally, fiber optic cable, as compared to all other providers, has proved its reliability with very little downtime and signal interruptions even for long distance cables. Following some in-depth analysis, for larger business organizations the plan most suitable has to consider the reliability first before the pricing. Bandwidth is another very important factor often forgotten. Verizon Wireless focuses not on upgrading its 3G network, but deploying LTE. It currently could have arguably the largest LTE coverage in about 440 locations. There's no doubt that today it offers the more coverage - offering LTE connectivity in more locations. For ATT, the 4G network can be one that's based on specifically the 21Mbps and 42Mbps flavors that can deliver very good performance, comparable or even surpassing LTE performance in some locations.Both have been especially aggressive in continually upgrading their network.

A series of independent tests in 2012 showed providers incorporating fiber optic technology were able to consistently deliver 5Mbps or more in many areas than competing providers. Generally, fiber optic technology providers will deliver quality connectivity services and the difference would be very slight

Plan Size and Flexibility

Both ATT U-verse and Verizon Fios let you add up to 10 members to your package and gives you double the data offered by competitors at the same price range. While prepaid carriers may entice with their low prices, these smaller players offer far fewer data to share, and you can only add up to 4 users to your plan which is very limiting. Flexibility is also important to consider, as your family members might eventually want to break away and pay their own phone bill and so both don’t tie you down to an annual commitment, so members can leave anytime they want. For the young kids in your family or household that need a basic setup available Verizon and the U-verse plan comes with a useful control feature that lets you control and set restrictions remotely on app and phone use.

To Bundle or not?

Often, the packages available in most providers include bundling. If you are paying for home phone, TV, and internet services from different providers then you’re actually spending more than you may possibly have spent otherwise. Buying 2 or 3 (triple play), of internet, voice or TV services together is known as bundling and has a number of advantages as opposed to buying them separately. The two main advantages of TV, voice, and internet packages are that your overall bill is usually far much less than if you purchase all the services from different providers.Also, you only have one single company to deal with for paying bills, reporting any issues, upgrading or adjusting your plan.

The main disadvantage is that you are reliant on one provider for all your needs and in case of any arising problems more than one of the services may be affected. Most people would agree that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages and to add on that, the companies keep investing on more reliable services and regular maintenance to avoid any mishaps. Some of these bundles include cable and satellite TV and internet packages with a voice service included so you can get fast cable internet speeds and a large range of channels.

AT&T triple play packages offer TV, home phone, and internet bundles. You’ll save over $300+ compared to ordering the services individually according to the AT&T website. However, what may be more important is how they compare against other triple play providers.

Verizon triple play bundles offer TV, internet and phone packages which include Verizon’s Fios internet service, phone and digital TV including HD channels.


Although the fiber optic cable network is not available across the country, the providers continue to expand their coverage on a large scale. Availability is very important. In addition, the extensive network coverage should count.

Would you like a Contracting provider?

In some cases, you can save money by choosing the lucrative bundles, but you may also be choosing to enter a two year or more contracts with the provider. Although most providers will inform you prior to subscription, be sure to read the terms of any deal closely before you make a decision.

Real Consumer Experiences

Marketing isn’t enough to know which internet service provider company to choose. Every company may speak highly of and their services, but in the end customer satisfaction matters. We give you the right tools to make an informed decision by giving you the insights and the information that will be useful in making your decision.

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